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From the largest vertically integrated producer of phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp oil in the world

Life’s Balance has the product line of rich high protein hemp extracts you have been looking for. We now offer a great selection of over the counter products for an array of needs.

Life’s Balance believes in natural alternative treatments using Cannabidiol (CBD) and assures all products are rigorously third-party tested to create high-quality CBD-infused products that are safe, effective alternatives to prescribed narcodics and pain medication that has been proven to be both damaging and contain harsh chemical compounds our bodies do not need.




As a Retail supplier and owner of a CBD shop people ask, "Which CBD do you use!" Well here it is. I use the 1000mg bottle that has saved my life. And my liver, kidney, and mind. My pain and anxiety are no match for my CBD choice. Pills kill but I choose to not be one of the 22 everyday I take my tincture (drops under the tongue). Oh and my mom uses the gummies and has found relief. My moms pup, FeFe, uses the pet treats and now can wag her tail, jump onto the bed, and runs and plays like a normal dog now. ~Army Retired/Lazydaze Pflugerville

Austin TX


This product is amazing and has helped me tremendously,, I have anxiety and get horrible migraines. I feel so much better and definitely recommend this for pain management. I feel calm and confident, I focus on things better and appreciate all the benefits of using this product.

Austin TX

Kym E

Thank you for my desperately needed supply of Life's Balance CBD oil. My body is so happy!!

Snoqualmie WA


I fooking love the Gummy's. And the oil is so clean, pure and all natural and works great. Best CBD on the market!!

Austin TX


As an amputee due to a motorcycle accident, I've been a devout user of Life's Balance CBD oil, as it has successfully calmed my spasms and soothed my pain when even valium could not do the trick.

Duluth MN


Amazing Brand.. my dogs love the Pet Chews

New York City


An exceptional organization with top notch communication and the highest quality products I’ve found!

Colorado Spring, CO


On a personal level, I have eliminated prescription sleep meds with Life’s Balance CBD. Life’s Balance is a great brand and a great company!!

Austin TX


The gummies are my favorite! Currently using the oil & I love that as well. Helps keep my anxiety down.

Austin TX

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