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James Strickland

james strickland

Instagram: @swimhack
Facebook: swimhackpowerlifter
Youtube: swimhack
Sport: Powerlifting
Age: 40
Houston, TX
2182.5 lbs / 990 kg (sleeves) @ 299 lbs BW
Squat: 760 lbs (sleeves)
Bench: 672 lbs @ 290 BW / 661 lbs @ 268 BW
Deadlift: 783 lbs
Top Ten All Time Bench Press
Favorite lift: Bench


An avid athlete from an early age, competitive swimmer for 16 years, US Navy Veteran, NFL tryout in 2010, started powerlifting at age 34 and has continued to push the human limits at each body weight, breaking personal records even at the age of 40 while maintaining balance with a successful website design as well as online coaching business, husband to his beautiful wife for over 16 years and a father of three.

You can follow his journey at

It is better to live for one day as a lion than for 1000 years as a sheep.

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